Carlos Adrián Serna

My work focuses on creating art with technology and developing technologies for art. For over a decade, I have cultivated a career marked by collaboration and transdisciplinary experimentation. I am a co-founder of innovative initiatives such as Ymoov, Maracuyá Lab, OsciLab, and Omotio. These projects, ranging from live arts to immersive sound experiences, reflect my passion for merging science and art to achieve a deeper and more complex artistic expression. As a member of the board of directors of “AADN – Arts & Cultures Numériques” in Lyon, I contribute to the global dialogue on the convergence of art and technology. My work has been exhibited in places such as Switzerland, France, Serbia, USA, Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, and, of course, Colombia. Additionally, I have created permanent installations in prestigious Colombian museums, such as the National Museum, the Children’s Museum, and the Center for Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation in Bogotá.

The human body is a source of inspiration and experimentation for me, as well as live art that feeds and evolves through interaction with the public and its performers. I am also interested in science and the use of technology as a concept and/or tool.

I reject absolute super-specialization, which in its search for the frontier of knowledge, loses a comprehensive and complex vision of the world. Therefore, I seek a way to weave these divergences. From my artistic work, I seek to find a transversal bridge between science and art. Retracing paths from science to the inherent curiosities of the nature of our being. And at the same time, highlighting the sharp deductions that the observation of our reality has allowed us. My work is characterized by its diversity and transdisciplinarity, I am inspired by dialogue and collaboration with different artists and disciplines.

Co-founder and co-director of Ymoov, an artistic company that investigates, discovers, and experiments in dialogue with the live arts, technology, and science. Co-founder and director for 8 years of research and development at Omotio, a company that works on the creation of interactive pieces for marketing (Where I became disillusioned with the creativity of marketing, where I decided the direction of art). Founder of Maracuyá Lab, a collective that integrates traditional sounds of Latin American music with immersive and visual experiences on stage.

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